A record-breaking number of activities for the 2021 STEM DISCOVERY CAMPAIGN!

The STEM Discovery Campaign is an annual initiative organised by Scientix and celebrated in Europe and beyond from the beginning of February till the end of April. This year’s edition, focused on sustainability and citizenship, has seen the active participation of thousands of teachers around the world, breaking the previous highest number of activities organised within the campaign. Curious to see the new record?

This year participants had the opportunity to submit their activities and take part in 11 different competitions organised by various partners of the campaign. We are proud to announce that the final numbers for the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign are:

  • 2,166 activities organised
  • 157,000 educators, parents, industry representatives, policymakers and pupils involved
  • among them 22,700 teachers
  • 9,100 schools engaged in the campaign

As every year, we encouraged participants to share their experience and ideas for extraordinary activities through the STEM Discovery Campaign blog. An incredible number of 308 blogposts have been published on the blog which means the number almost tripled compared to last year’s campaign! The STEM Discovery Campaign blog is unique evidence of teachers’ adaptation to the online environment and remote education.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the massive success of this campaign and made it possible to break the previous record of activities from 2019! While in 2020 we managed to involve a similar number of teachers, we saw a slight decline in the number of activities comparing to the previous year. In 2021, we doubled the 2019 number and managed to organize 2,166 unique STEM activities around the world.