Activities for Stem Discovery Week 2018

DIG-ED this year was partner with many other organizations for STEM Discovery Week  and supported the activities that promoted STEM education and STEM careers.  We organized campaign among primary schools titled: Just say yes – You can be an engineer too. Around 500 students from 4 different primary schools participated in the activity. The schools are: Primary school “Strasho Pindjur” – Negotino, “Krste Misirkov” – SKopje, “Panajot Ginovski” = Stajkovci and “Kiril i Metodij” – Skopje. Leading teachers in theses activities were Gjorgjina Dimova, Maja Videnovic and Blagorodna Sotirov.

The program of the event:

23,24.04.2018  Microbit workshops – student makers

During the workshops students learned how to program the microbits, how to use MakeCode, the features of the microbit: temperature sensor, accelerator, light sensor, compass. By the help of the teachers students created different projects like: traffic light for cars and for pedestrians, managing parking, temperature thermometer, etc..










Project traffic lights:


25.04.2018 Microbit workshops – from students for the students

The students organized microbit workshops in schools that don’t offer coding to students. They made simple projects like measuring the temperature on direct sun, and in shadow and calculating the difference.
















26.04.2018  Visiting Faculty of  Computer Science and Engineering and the First Kids Science Club Explorarium.

First the students were greeted by the Faculty Dean –  Ivan Chorbev.





Workshop with the robots and drones

Students were introduced to robotics and the robots. They also made simple programming so the robot could do things like talk and dance. After that they saw how the drones worked and how to use the camera on the drone.


















Round table – Just say yes , you can be an engineer too

Eminent professionals programmers, university professors, undergraduate students (both women and men) presented in front of the primary students about the profession engineer – how it is like to be an engineer, what education should you have to become engineer, who can be an engineer, how does a typical day of an engineer looks like …

Participants of the round table:

Hristina Petrushevska – Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Orange

Darko Todorovski – software developer

Petar Grchevski – Backend developer, game developer, machine learning, serverless computing

Vladislav Bidikov – system administrator at FINKI

M.Sc Kostadin Mishev  – assistant professor

Ph.D Petar Lameski – university professor

Martina Boshkova – undergraduate student

Stefan Andonov – undergraduate student and teaching assistant

Jovan Davchev –  undergraduate student and teaching assistant

Visiting the Explorarium

Students participated in very interesting chemistry experiments organized by a chemistry professor.





The event was part of the Scientix online streaming: