Development of teachers’ competences with ULCA Pathway for teachers

Online event ULCA Excellence Pathway for Teachers was held on 19.01.2022 from 13:00 to 15:00. During the event the presentation of Teachers Development Framework, developed as part of the KA203 Erasmus+ project “Upgrade with learner centered approach” coordinated by the Faculty of Education, CU in Ružomberok, Slovakia in partnership with 8 other organizations coming from 5 EU countries. was made.

At the beginning of the event Gabriela Lojová and Jana Chynoradská gave introduction to the key foundations of Teachers Development Framework – Learner Centered Approach and Learn & Lead. Explanation of these key areas in teacher professional development was made. After that Lenka Krasuľová gave her testimonial about her development as part of the teacher development process.

Maja Videnovik, from Center for innovations and digital education, talked about importance of continuous teachers’ professional development. She has described integration of competences’ development phases within different areas of LCA Teacher Development Framework, explaining how teacher competences empower throughout different development phases. Implementation of learner centered approach in the classroom was also described and some examples of good practices were pointed out. At the end connection of LCA Teacher Development Framework with Teacher competences, teacher professional and career development in Macedonia was made.

During the event participants had an opportunity to work in breakout rooms sharing ideas, examples and good practices concerning learner centered approach as well as opportunity for Development of teachers’ competences with ULCA.