Dig-Ed activities – part of the Digital Skills Playbook for Educators

Dig-Ed activities within the project “Using Games to Learn Cyber Security and Misinformation” are part of the Digital Skills Playbook for Educators, publication supported by the European Commission. The playbook is designed to support educators in teaching Digital Competence Framework for Citizens – DigComp 2.2 skills. This playbook has been produced by a team of deeply experienced education experts at multiple levels of education from across the EU, who make up the Digital Skills squad in the context of the European Digital Education Hub.

The methodological approach for developing students’ knowledge and skills on cybersecurity and misinformation through peer learning and game-based approach, as well as its applicability of the approach to other topics is present in this playbook as good practice that can be implemented in schools for developing students’ digital skills.

Read the playbook and get access to many tools, approaches and pedagogical resources that can be used, re-used, and remixed to meet the needs of individual students.