Discover the winners of the Scientix, STE(A)M IT and Professionals go back to schools competitions!

The 6th edition of the STEM Discovery Campaign, which took place between February – April 2021 and focused on sustainability and citizenship, achieved a record-breaking number of activities never seen before: 2,166. This year, participants had the opportunity to submit their activities and take part in 11 different competitions organised by various partners of the campaign. Here are the results of the Scientix, STE(A)M IT and Professionals Go Back to Schools competitions.

Scientix organised two competitions during the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign. The first one invited the participants to organise online activities that promote STEM in the context of any STEM subject in class and write a blog post in English on the STEM Discovery Campaign Blog once the activities were done. The second Scientix competition encouraged participants to plan activities based on resources available in the Scientix Repository of resources, and especially resources from Eurostat and Aerospace in Class. The two competitions gathered 469 participants, the winners among them being:

  • Margarita Dakoronia (Greece), author of “What about clouds?”
  • Bénédicte Leduc (France) author of “Young Scientists Working Together“
  • Mario De Mauro (Italy) author of “Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project… for citizens“
  • Daniela Lungoci (Romania) author of “Your passion-my chance-our better future“
  • Kristina Krtalić (Croatia) author of “Spring STEM activities“
  • Erviola Konomi (Albania) author of “Green city, happy life“
  • Silvana Jakimovska (Republic of North Macedonia) author of “Let’s act local – Green solutions for our city “
  • Şerife Takmaz (Turkey) author of “STEM Activities with Resources“
  • Sabrina Nappi (Italy) author of “Speaking numbers“
  • Irena Ribinskienė (Lithuania) author of “Raise awareness about the plastic waste in the sea“

The STE(A)M IT Competitions 2021, divided into two distinct contests for primary school teachers and secondary school teachers, encouraged teachers to create and test materials that promote integrated STEM teaching, making the lessons and learning scenarios more interesting and connected to real life for students. The winners are:

  • Fevziye Dönmez, Semih Esendemir and Selçuk Yusuf Arslan (Turkey), “Find your Own Direction”
  • Georgia Lascaris, Irene Papadopetraki and Stavroula Skiada (Greece), “Technology to prevent Earthquakes, Safe Cities for all”
  • Elena Corina Rogoveanu and Nicoleta Livia Barbu (Romania), “Up In The Air”
  • Snjezana Markovic-Zoraja (Croatia), “Save parks and plant trees”
  • Aliki Maria Makri, Iraklis Karagiannis, Nektaria Giakmoglidou, Nikolaos Makris, Roxanthi Nikou and Theoni Dimopoulou (Greece), “Doing Science in the Stone Age”
  • Ira Tuba and Danica Nikolic (Serbia), “Economic and social benefits of recycling”
  • Nikolaos Diamantopoulos and Ilias Spanos (Greece), “Let`s Rock! with Python & Lego”

Finally, the STEM Alliance & STE(A)M IT – Professionals Go Back to Schools Competition encouraged the integration of STEM Career topics in class through Career Sheets and visits from STEM professionals to classrooms. These are the winners:

  • Kadriye Zobu (Turkey), “Exploring STEM Careers”
  • Nektarios Farassopoulos (Greece), “It is raining rocks!”
  • Jasin Hodzic (Bosnia & Herzegovina), “Let’s Meet a Head of Medical Laboratory!”
  • Zoe Kofina (Cyprus), “Pediatrician – A STEM Job Profile”
  • Álvaro Molina Ayuso (Spain), “STEM professionals go back to school to motivate vocations”
  • Özlem Kahraman (Turkey), “Girls in STEM”
  • Stella Magid-Podolsky (Israel), “Leveraging International Women’s Day for encouraging Stem careers”

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to these competitions. Soon all the results of STEM Discovery Campaign 2021 will be announced.