Final preparations for celebrating Safer Internet Day

Students from five primary schools are making final preparation for celebrating Safer Internet Day 2022. They have created educational materials concerning cybersecurity and misinformation that will be used during the lectures given to lower grades students, starting from 7.2.2022 as part of the project “Using games to learn cyber security and misinformation” financed by US Embassy Skopje. All created materials will be available as open educational resources and teachers and students will have an opportunity to use them for empowering their skills concerning cybersecurity and misinformation.

Students from upper grades (8th and 9th) have searched information online on given topics, assessed it, made conclusion based on facts and created educational materials and lectures that can be implement with the students from lower grades (6th and 7th). Teachers just guided students in the process of deepening their knowledge on the topics connected with cyber security and misinformation. In this way, upper grade students created higher understanding for the topics and developed their critical thinking skills and students from lower grades will learn about cyber security and how to behave online on a fun and engaging way