Georgina Dimova

I’m a Computer Science teacher for 15 years, curriculum trainer, blogger, photographer amateur. Etwinning, scientix, edmodo ambassador nd TeachSDGs ambassador.

Working in a primary school in Macedonia. I love working with children and my passion is making educational process fun for the students.

For three years I have coordinated international projects funded by ACES (Academy for Central European Schools) and have been member of ACES Council for two years.

Last two years I have been working as a coordinator for her school in the project “Regional Support for Inclusive education” – joint action of European Council and European Union. They have been working on providing best education for all students.

Ability to design, plan, organize and implement projects and tasks within a given time. Strong organization, coordinating and communication skills within a team (leader of few school teams). Paying attention on details. Multi tasking skills (working on different projects at the same time during my work experiences). Analytical and problem solving skills.

Organized three international students exchanges, organized two international meetings with students and teachers from Turkey, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria.

As part of many projects in the primary education I have organised and held many workshops – Educating teachers in computer skills, Innovative use of ICT in education, Improving the school assessment.

  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2016/17 and 2017/18 as recognition for my teaching skills and innovative teaching methods
  • Microsoft Trainer – I have trained over 100 teacher in using Microsoft office in a new and innovative way
  • Etwinning ambassador – as an etwinning teacher I have received several National Quality labels and 2 European Quality Labels  for the international project I’ve been working on the etwinning platform. I’ve been etwinning ambassador for the past year and a half.
  • Scientix ambassador for Macedonia – selected among 400 participants of the MOOC course for ambassadors for promotion science education in my country
  • As part of my responsibilities in my school I’m coordinator for international projects, managing the application process, managing ongoing project and reporting. Participated in “Regional support for inclusive education”, “E-schools”, Primary education project, two ACES projects, member of Aces Council for two years.

I’m also responsible for maintaining school web page, social profiles of the school and promotion of the activities in the community. I’ve gained knowledge in working with ICT tools for collaborative project writing through, n, online advocacy using social tools like facebook, twitter, wordpress,, youtube, collecting information through



Dimova, Gj. (2011), “Using wikispaces for self – reflection of the students”, “, International conference: Assessment for learning in the 21st century, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

Published Two visual classes for the Teachers manual – 21th century education

Dimova, G (2017)  Poster presentation – “QR codes – searching for answers”, Third Conference of     teachers organized by Friends of education

Videonovic, M, Dimova, G.,  “Can blended learning environment improve the quality of learning”,      CIIT 15th International Conference on Informatics and Information Technologies

CIIT 17th,International Conference on Informatics and Information Technologies

“Using Educational Escape Room to Increase Students’ Engagement in Learning Computer Science”

G. Dimova, M.Videnovic, V. Trajkovic


Teacher trainer:

Digital Literacy – Windows, Microsoft Word, , Excel, Power Point, Web Design

Childredn and adults in a private school for foreign languages and informatics “Word”, and private school “Pascaline” (1998-2001)

Digital Literacy –  Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel

Teacher in the primary school “Strasho Pindjur” as part of the project Step by Step,making the curriculum and workbooks.(2001-2002)

Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel

Employee of the winery Povardarie as part of the project (2002)

Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel Power Point , Internet

Roma users of scholarships  of SOROS (2006)

Innovative use of ICT in education for teachers in rimary school “Strasho Pindjur”, part of the project E-school (2006-2007)

Basic digital literacy for teachers of primary schools in Negotino (2008)

Assessments standards in primary education  – workshop for primary teachers (2010)

Training for using Edubuntu in education for primary teachers (2010)

Master trainer for primary school teacher for realization of the “Working with computers and basics in      coding” for 3rd grade students (2015)

Master trainer for primary school teacher for realization of the “Working with computers and basics in  coding” for 4rd grade students (2016)

Workshop for presenting  Scientix (2017)

British Council Trainer “21 Century skills” – 2018, 2019

Curriculum trainer for teachers for the “Working with computers and coding”. TRained more than 500 teachers.

Local trainer for “Formative assessment” in primary schools.

British Council trainer for “Critical thinking, solving problems, digital literacy and microbit”.


Step by step

  • Part of the Leaders team responsible for Development plan for the school and the school management

PEP (2010)

  • Member of the Leader team – responsible for making Development and Action plan for the

Improvement of education (2010)

  • Member of the Municipal education body in Negotino
  • Developing Project proposal for the Program of small grants


  • Trainer for teachers “Innovative use of ICT in education”

Digital assessment – Algoritam Center and USAID (2009)

  • Creating electronic base of question in Computer science

Primary education project (2010)

  • Teacher responsible for the Students team of technical support
  • Part of the team responsible for Grant Proposal in the School renovation program
  • Teacher trainer in the component – Improving
  • Teacher training “Edubuntu” in education


  • Two European quality labels
  • Participant –  „Etwinning contact seminar for primary schools”во Hasselt, Belgium, 23-25 November 2012
  • Etwinning ambassador for the period 2016-2018

 ACES – Academy for Central European Schools

  • Participating in two project cycles – 2009/2010 and 2011/2012
  • Participant at the  Kick off Meeting in  Senec, Slovakia  27, 28, 29, 30.09 – 01.10.2010 with one student
  • Participation at the Aces Academy in Prague, April 2011 with a student
  • Receive the first prize in the category “Citizen courage” for the project “Small actions – make big changes”
  • Representative of the teachers in the ACES Council 2011 – 2013
  • Participation on the “Strategy Day’ in Vienna December, 2012 and December 2013

Studying for cultural difference – possibility for intercultural  youth cooperation

  • Youth camp in Bitola as a team leader of 4 students 24,25.04.2014

Regional support for inclusive education – Joint action of EU and Council of

 School coordinator for the project

  • Regional conference in Zagreb, November 2014
  • Study visit in Turkey (regions of Edirne, Konya and Ankara) 18 – 20.03.2015
  • Final conference for inclusion in Sarajevo 05,06.11.2015


  • 20 – 22.02.2015 Brussels ,  Participation in the Fifth project workshop in the Future Classroom Lab – Scientix
  • 10.2016  Scientix ambassador for Macedonia
  • Scientix ambassador for Macedonia 2020  – 2022



Winner of the All Stem – All Stars competition in the category Events for the Computer Science Week.

Winner of Global E-Innovation awards 2018

Best teacher of Ex Yu

Member of Global Advisory Board – Foremost Foundation

GTA 2019, Global Teacher Awars 2019

Winner of Scientix competition during Stem Discovery Campaign