Join the Science Project Online Workshops by Scientix!

Scientix, within the framework of the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign, decided to go one step further and offer teachers the unique opportunity of attending their Science Projects Workshops in the online format, therefore converting them into the Science Projects Online Workshops (SPOWs)! Selected participants will attend exclusive workshops of top projects featured in the Scientix Projects Repository.

Each SPOW includes between 3 and 4 parallel tracks. Each track addresses a specific topic and age group, and can have up to 10 teachers participating.

Each SPOW runs over a three-week period including:

  • week 1: reading some preparatory materials
  • week 2: an online session of two hours (session 1)
  • between sessions 1 and 2: asynchronous “homework” for participants
  • week 3: an online session of two hours (session 2)

Interested teachers need to apply to the SPOWs/tracks they are interested in via the dedicated registrations.

You can read more about the planned workshops at: SPOWs – Scientix