Maja Videnovic

is an engineer of informatics and a professor of informatics in primary school in Skopje, Macedonia. In 2011 she has finished her master studies concerning educational management on the topic “Managing the ICT integration in education”.

During her working experience she has been continuously working on her professional development through different forms of informal and non-formal education, participating in a lot of trainings, webinars, MOOCs, workshops and conferences. She has been a teacher trainer on different topics concerning innovative use of the ICT in education.

he is an external associate of the Bureau for Development of Education, as a member of the working group for development of curriculum in Computing and basic programming.

She has been involved as a local expert and master trainer in two national project: Teacher Professional and Career Development (TPCD) system and Primary Education Project (PEP). She has participated in more than 30 international eTwinning projects and two Erasmus+ projects, concerning cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

She is an eTwinning Ambassador and Scientix Ambassador in Macedonia, trying to involve as mush teachers as possible in these projects, to inspire and motivate teachers for innovative use of technology in education.