is an engineer of informatics and a professor of informatics in primary school in Skopje, Macedonia. In 2011 she has finished her master studies concerning educational management on the topic “Managing the ICT integration in education”.

During her working experience she has been continuously working on her professional development through different forms of informal and non-formal education, participating in a lot of trainings, webinars, MOOCs, workshops and conferences. She is an author of around 20 papers concerning ICT integration in the classroom.

Maja Videnovik has been a master trainer on different topics concerning innovative use of the ICT in education and developing students’ critical thinking, problem solving and coding skills; local expert for development of standards and professional competences for teachers, teacher mentors and teacher advisers; an external associate of the Bureau for Development of Education for development of curriculum about Computing and basic programming; and master trainer for the National platform for distance education.

Maja is a co-founder of NGO “Center for innovation and digital education”, dedicated to in finding different ways for teachers’ continuous professional development, enabling high quality teaching and student-centred learning, with the special interest in using ICT for creating virtual learning environments and using educational games in the learning process.