Native Terms of Media Literacy Give You Better Capacity

The project “Native Terms of Media Literacy Give You Better Capacity” is created as a result of the need to find appropriate translation and interpretation of the media literacy terms. In the teaching process is very important the student to understand the terms for media literacy and to use them in standard Macedonian language. Also, there is a need for an approach for consuming and using Macedonian media literacy terminology. Our goal is the Macedonian media literacy terms to be used from the primary school teachers, students, and journalists.
This project is joint effort between teachers, experts in Macedonian language, journalist, and experts in digital educational games (microlearning) to translate the Macedonian media literacy terminology and provide approach for implementation for the teachers, students, and Macedonian journalist as well.
So far we indentify the terms that the student have in the curiculum. Some of this terms don’t have macedovian translation. Terms that we need to bring closer to the students so they can navigate the world of media more easily. We have translated and interpreted these terms and packed them all into a small but useful dictionary. We have also prepared an

interactive digital game and materials that teachers can use in class.
Expect promotion of the dictionary, the game and the materials for teachers in the next period.