New interesting site – NaukaZaDeca

The website has started functioning from Wednesday, May 6, 2020. The main goal is to promote scientific culture and mental education among the youngest. At the same time, the idea of this site is to serve as a source of digital educational resources that can be used in the teaching process.

NaukaZaDeca is an initiative started by a group of scientists and teachers, but is open to all who want to contribute to the process of enrichment of digital educational resources in Macedonian. This non-commercial initiative is started by the civil initiative Kantarot (, OXO Production (, and the Center for Innovation and Digital Education – DIG-ED ( The idea is to promote digital resources in education and to encourage digital transformation of the Macedonian education.

There are three sources of information that we share on NaukaZaDeca. In cooperation with FuseSchool ( educational videos concerning science were annotated and translated into Macedonian language, by the teachers that joined the initiative. OXO Production will use this subtitles to synchronize the videos in Macedonian language. The scientists who joined the initiative are creating descriptions of some scientific experiments that can be carried out at home. Finally, we invited the students (first from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, but the call is open to all) to create short videos with experiments that they made at home and shared on social media with the hashtag #НаукаЗаДеца.