Start with the implementation of the project: TruthTech: Media Literacy in the Age of AI

In an era where information flows faster and wider than ever before, discerning fact from fiction has become a paramount skill. The “TruthTech: Media Literacy in the Age of AI” (“ML in AA”) is a comprehensive and engaging initiative designed to empower teachers with knowledge and skills needed to design and implement teaching activities, so as to prepare their students to be able to understand and navigate the complex media landscape and especially landscape shaped by Artificial Intelligence (AI). That teaching activities will ensure that younger generations are well-prepared to navigate the AI-driven media landscape, fostering critical thinking and responsible digital behavior from an early age.

The overall goal of the project is to foster media literacy, AI awareness, and responsible digital citizenship, ultimately leading to a more informed and discerning public. Тhe project seeks to empower both students and teachers with the knowledge and skills about creating digital and media content by use of AI. By developing these skills, they should see AI as a tool to complement human creativity and productivity rather than some kind of threat.
The project will direct access to a wide range of AI-powered tools, enabling participants to use them in a way that promotes a high level culture and accountability in media consumption.

By raising awareness of the ethical implications of AI in media production and consumption, the project encourages responsible AI use among students and teachers. This fosters an environment where AI technologies are used ethically and with respect for privacy and consent.

Through online teacher training (MOOC), media and AI-related activities in schools, media and AI-related competition for students, preparation of Media Literacy in the Age of AI Toolkit and the promotion of success stories, we aspire to develop community awareness, essential media and AI literacy skills but also to equip it with resources on Macedonian language. The project also includes an intensified social media campaign aimed at promoting the importance of media literacy and especially in combination with AI.

Preparations for the implementation of the project are in the final phase. Through the FB page and the website – , the project has been promoted on social media, the content for the Moodle course has been prepared and uploaded to the platform.

Next activity is the first promotional webinar (on 21.02.2024) “The possibilities of artificial intelligence – Applications of artificial intelligence tool will transform education”. Gordana Janakievska – head of department and informatics adviser in BRO will be the speaker on this webinar. The idea, goals and planned activity within the framework of the project will be presented to representatives from educational institutions and teachers.

On 29.02.2024 the second webinar will follow – the Moodle course “Media Literacy in the Age of AI” will be presented, and the online training of teachers officially will start.