Тhe 2023 STEM discovery campaign kicks off with activities, events and competitions to shape STEM identities!

The STEM Discovery Campaign is the annual initiative that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), coordinated by Scientix in collaboration with many organisations and projects, and is celebrated in Europe and beyond from the beginning of February to the end of April. This year’s theme is ‘STEM Identities’, a concept that plays an important role in students’ academic success, career goals and orientation. Developing a STEM identity increases the likelihood that learners will develop science literacy – some might even pursue a STEM career.

In this 8th edition, we invite educators, projects, organisations, libraries, schools, universities, youth clubs and other interested stakeholders around the world to carry out STEM-related actions. Eligible actions include participating in a training session, organising events, creating resources … and much more. It can be any action that supports learners in discovering and developing their STEM-selves.

The campaign will run from 1 February to 30 April, with a peak of activities during the week of 24-30 April. Get involved and contribute to one of the biggest STEM campaigns worldwide. All STEM-related actions can be included on the STEM Discovery Campaign map and help spark learners’ interests in STEM and shape their STEM identities!

Will you be organising, conducting and/or taking part in STEM activities in the next three months? Are you interested in showcasing any projects? Are you a teacher or an organisation working in STEM? Read more on the landing page of the 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign and act.