The STE(A)M it project has just published the first European integrated STEM teaching framework!

Integrated STEM teaching is more important than ever. However, the number of tertiary students in STEM fields is falling, the STEM industry is experiencing talent shortages, and with the lack of STEM visionaries, innovation is stalling. That is why we need to start nurturing STEM experts today.

To fix this, the STE(A)M IT project has launched the first European Integrated STEM Teaching Framework. We have added (A) for ‘all’ to STEM topics because STEM does not work in isolation from the outside world.

The framework is designed for all education stakeholders in Europe; teachers, researchers, policy makers, and industry partners. There’s something for you in the framework regardless of your focus!

You can learn about integrated STEM teaching and how the real-world context and the integration of subjects outside of STEM can help improve teaching. You will also find out about the principles of STEM integration, the teaching methods to support it, and the status of STEM integration in European education. The framework delivers resources for integrated teaching, academic research, education policymaking, and industry collaboration.

We have also created an executive summary of the framework, which has been translated into nine European languages, that summarises the key aspects of the full report.

Read the first European Integrated STEM Teaching Framework now!