Еmpowering educators with digital cultural heritage

The Europeana MOOC Rerun “Digital Education with Cultural Heritage” delves into the educational potential of digital cultural heritage and prepares teachers to implement it using digital technologies. While discovering several current themes such as diversity & inclusion, blended learning, and climate change, this course will improve teacher understanding of digital cultural heritage to efficiently integrate it into lessons and practices, regardless of the teaching subject. The final goal is to design engaging and deep-learning content for students, museumgoers or lifelong learners to prepare them as active and responsible citizens with key competencies to thrive in life.

This MOOC makes use of Europeana’s digitised collection of cultural heritage and content from the Teaching with Europeana blog. With it, participants are introduced to a wealth of resources in multiple formats (such as pictures, videos, texts, 3D) and multiple languages, various tools like Transcribathon and Historiana, and other ready-made materials that they can easily integrate in their educational activities.

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