Тhe 2022 STEM discovery campaign ends soon, so put your project on the map!

Do you have something exciting to share with your peers in education? Why not enter it in the 2022 STEM Discovery Campaign? You can reach tens of thousands of colleagues and even win fantastic prizes!

But you do not have much time: this campaign ends 30 April.

The 2022 STEM Discovery Campaign is a large international initiative organised by Scientix that invites projects, organisations, libraries, schools, universities and youth clubs across Europe and around the world to share their work in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The theme for the 2022 campaign is STEM for All. This means that the campaign encourages educators and educational organisations to put together events and activities that make STEM accessible for everyone.

The campaign has been running since 1 February. So far, it has attracted:

  • Nearly 800 activities from more than 30 countries
  • More than 12,000 teachers and nearly 70,000 students, in more than 4,500 schools
  • 72 partner organisations

Add your name to that list, by, for example, organising any (online) STEM activity with/for your students, such as a webinar, chat, discussion board or quiz; participating in one of 13 competitions; creating an online course on the Scientix Moodle; using the Scientix Online Meeting Room to host your own webinar, live event or Q+A; or simply participating in/attending one of our events, workshops and other training opportunities.

The campaign will reach its peak during the last week of April, which is STEM Discovery Week. Check the campaign page for updates on many last-minute events!

Join us now, enter your activity here!