Join in Scientix SPOWS and work with other teachers on relevant issues

Scientix is organising three new Science Projects Online Workshops (SPOWs) taking place in May 2022.

The Scientix SPOWs aim to inform teachers about socially relevant STEM topics and to train them on how to introduce them practically in their classrooms.

The SPOWs consist of various activities, taking place over three weeks, including the reading of preparatory materials (Week 1), an online session of two hours (Week 2), synchronous homework for participants (between Weeks 1 and 2), and another online session of two hours (Week 3).

Each SPOW normally includes between 3 and 4 parallel tracks, addressing a particular topic and targets a specific age group of students. Usually, each track can have a maximum of 10 teachers, who will have applied beforehand through the Scientix platform. These workshops are highly interactive with presentations limited to 30′ of the programme maximum.

The three topics for the upcoming SPOWs are ‘STEM for All: Inclusive STEM teaching’, ‘Environmental Actions in STEM Education: Teaching for Sustainability’, and ‘New Horizons for STEM teaching: Professional Development for Educators’. You can find more information, including past events, here.