Call for contributions for the open science communication conference

The Center for the Promotion of Science has now opened a call for submissions for the Open Science Communication Conference – OpenSciComm 2022, which will take place on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 November 2022.

The conference will connect complex research topics with concepts that are familiar to the public such as climate change, artificial intelligence, cutting-edge technologies, etc. The main goal of the conference will be to present effective and reliable practices of science communication, to show their potential in different environments and tackling critical issues, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and approaches among peers and practitioners. The conference will bring together the scientific community and society at large through creative and valuable dialogue, enabling active networking and fostering public understanding of science by leveraging technology.

If you are interested in taking part, you can find more information here and you can indicate your interest by filling in the form on the webpage before 10 September. All applicants will be informed about the results by 20 September.

In the event of a successful submission, all involved speakers, presenters and facilitators will receive a complimentary promotional package, free meals during the conference and an invitation to a cocktail reception!