Training event “Building excellent schools based on the EFQM model of excellence”

Representatives from Dig-Ed participated in a training event “Building excellent schools based on the EFQM model of excellence”. The training was organized as part of the Erasmus+ project “Upgrade with learner centered approach” and was held in Riga, Latvia from 22.08.2022 to 26.08.2022. The training aim was to introduce organizations with the self-assessment concepts of EFQM (European Foundation for Quality of Management) model and to help them to start the journey towards Excellence while fulfilling their local, regional or national requirements regarding self-assessment-based accreditation, inspection or similar recognition.

During the training discussions about starting point for establishing culture of excellence in an organization was carried out. The participants were encouraged to think about their organizations, to start from their vision and mission (answering why), explaining how they will achieve their goal and what they will do. It was a great approach to connect organizational aims with the activities that they are doing.

After that participants were introduced with the EFQM model of excellence and excellence criteria for an organization. The participants, working in pairs, made self-assessment of their organization according to EFQM model. After that a case study of EFQM model school was analyzes by the participants and strengths and key points for improvement were identified.

During the training a visit to ICC college, which has received EFQM recognition, was organized. Participants got an opportunity to discuss with someone who has passed all the phases about the process. Different social activities were organized, too. Participants had sightseeing walk through old town of Riga, visited Jurmala (seaside city), had a boat tour on river Daugava and joint dinner. It was really amazing training combining learning with communication and cooperation which has strengthened bonds among participants and made base for future cooperation.