Call for submission of Scratch-created games on the topic: Cyber security and misinformation

The Center for Innovation and Digital Education Dig-Ed is announcing a call for Scratch-created games in the area of Cyber security and misinformation. The call is part of the project „Usage of games for learning about Cyber Security and misinformation“, supported and funded by the US Embassy. It is intended for primary school students, and the games should be able to be used by students aged 10 to 14 in order to deepen their knowledge in the field of Cyber security and media literacy.
The type of games can be arcade (based on reflexes), with elements of storytelling or a combination of both. Games should be made in Macedonian, with a CC-BY license to share them. An example of such games can be found at the following link: Open Educational Resources – Center for Innovations and Digital Education DIG-ED. Criteria for evaluating the games are: originality, suitability of the game with the theme of the call, accuracy of the information in the game, the functionality of the code and the visual impression of the game. The Games will be evaluated by a project evaluation committee composed of university professors, representatives of the Internet Governance Forum and representatives of the Cyber Security Team at the Faculty of Information Science and Computer Engineering.
The game code should be sent no later than June 13, 2022 by applying at the following link: Application. The best games will be published as open educational resources, and for the creators of the best games there will be a surprise. Thank you for contributing to the enrichment of the database of open educational resources in Macedonian language.