Coding music

Center for innovation and digital education Dig-Ed organized an event during the CodeWeek – Coding music. Its organization was supported by Meet and code initiative. This event was part of the action: Girls Do IT. Meet and code is organized and supported by SAP, Haus des Stiftens gGmbH, TechSoup Europe and Metamorphosis in Macedonia.

During the event girls from two primary schools – Krste Misirkov in Skopje and Strasho Pindjur in Negotino used micro:bit and coding to produce music. Teachers: Gjorgjina Dimova and Maja Videnovich.

 Attendees at the workshops were girl students from two schools of different social backgrounds – students from urban areas, students from underdeveloped areas and from families at risk.
At the beginning the teacher had a discussion with the girls about the choice of their profession. She talked to them about how they envision the profession of a programmer. The teacher presented two motivational videos:





The teacher explains to the girls that during the workshop they will program music with the help of the microbit. He demonstrated the blocks for creating music with the microbit.
A discussion was initiated  among the girls as to which song is their favorite. The songs are reviewed and it was  decided which one to try to program – in terms of its complexity.
then they searched the internet to find the notes for the particular song.
The girls started  programming. After coding the music was listened in order to find out if there is need for improvement.
The codes were saved to the microbit.
The teacher then explains to the students how to connect the microbit to the speakers.
Girls at the workshop were fascinated by this aspect of the microbit – creating art. Many of the students were interested in the following workshops where they would like to study more complex coding.

Music as the universal language was used to attract girls into coding and future career as engineers.

Girls were introduced to basic coding, loops and music blocks.

Here you can download the codes for some of the songs: Music