“Digitalization and education” – online debate

Online debate “Digitalization and Education” was aimed to raise questions about the existing ones, as well as to offer new solutions and modes for digitalization of education, taking into account the experiences of the past months and plans for the upcoming new school year. It was a great honor that Dig-Ed hosted this online debate where an introductory speech was given by the President of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Mr. Stevo Pendarovski. Other participants in the debate were:
The Minister of Education and Science, Mrs. Mila Carovska
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Trajkovik from FINKI
Prof. Dr. Nikola Stikov from the Polytechnic Faculty in Montreal
Mr. Pece Taleski, Executive Director of OXO.

The debate moderator was prof. Dr. Vladimir Trajkovik who managed to encourage discussion regarding current issues in the country related to the digitalization of the educational process. See the entire online forum