Online coding lessons during pandemic

During march – june 2020 when all our students were at home learning from the distance many organizations offered interesting classes using online tools.
One of them was
Every wednesday through zoom students from all around the word learned coding. Every class were held by different persons – programmers, but also many famous persons.
Dig-ed provided access to these lessons for our students with our informatics teachers Maja Videnovic and Gjorgjina Dimova.
22 april – Class with BIll Gates
Bill Gates talked about the pandemy, how with codign you can estimate how the number of new cases will rise if we take measures and if we don’t take measures. Then some students had the opportunity to ask his questions in person.

13 May
Today with the students we learned about variables and calculations. We also learned about human computers – women during World War 2 that solved complicated calculations with nuclear reactions, We met actress Yara Shahidi and the creator of Google Sheets Fuzzy Khosrowshahi.