Don’t miss the rerun of the “integrated STEM teaching” MOOCS!

Scientix, STE(A)M IT and European Schoolnet Academy ‘Integrated STEM teaching’ MOOCs rerun is starting on 25 October 2021! With these courses, primary and secondary school teachers will have the opportunity to bring their teaching skills to the next level by mastering the contextualization of STEM knowledge through industry-education cooperation, learning about innovative pedagogies, and discovering how to develop and implement a STEM integrated lesson plan! But that’s not all! Based on feedback from last year’s participants and based on the newest elements on integrated STEM education, the content of the courses improved to offer the best learning experience possible to its participants!

The “Integrated STEM Teaching” MOOCs were organised for the first time in 2020 by STE(A)M IT, Scientix and European Schoolnet Academy, exceeding all expectations with 1170 participants in primary education and 1265 in secondary education. STE(A)M IT, Scientix and European Schoolnet Academy are happy to hold a rerun in October 2021 and allow more teachers to develop their integrated STEM expertise.

The “Integrated STEM Teaching” course rerun is offered in English and in two versions: one for primary and one for secondary school teachers. Both will examine the opportunities offered by integrated STEM teaching and will provide many practical examples. We are waiting for you, this is your last call to register: