Educational videos according to the curriculum

Center for Innovation and Digital Education Dig-Ed, in cooperation with KAHTAPOT.MK, OXO and FuseSchool started with the translation of educational videos according to the curriculum in Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Our plan is to translate about 100 educational videos that correspond to the teaching contents during March, April and May, in the period when students attend classes online due to the corona virus.

The purpose of these educational videos is to help teachers in the implementation of the class activities during online teaching. The teaching content where the video can be implemented, as well as the questions concerning the topic has been provided for each of the videos.

We are very thankful to all the collaborators who were involved in the translation of these videos: Silvana Ristevska, Aleksandra Blazevska, Mirjana Jankulovska, Silvana Binova and Milena Petkovska.