Selection of digital educational materials

One of the ways to ensure quality digitalization of education is to enrich the database of educational resources in Macedonian, which will be available to teachers and students. In order to provide some digital educational materials that can be used in teaching and learning process, NaukaZaDeca initiative in agreement with FuseSchool, launched the initiative for translation of educational videos concerning mathematics and natural sciences. The question that came at the beginning was whether these educational materials fit our curriculum and whether they can contribute to improving of students’ knowledge and incensement of their interest and motivation for learning. The answer was given by the teachers who teach these contents in their classes.

A large number of enthusiastic teachers helped to select the videos that are suitable for Macedonian curriculum. The classification of the videos was done according to the teaching materials and grade in which the video can be used.

Igor Bogdanoski, Monika Bogdanoska and Silvana Jakimovska Binova selected videos that can be used in mathematics.

Nada Ѕmbova Doneva, Silvana Ristevska, Natasha Mileska Mihajloska, Sonja Jankulovska and Biljana Ilieva classified the videos in biology.

Bojana Bacoska and Aleksandra Blazevska selected videos that can be used in chemistry.

Marina Janeska and Nikola Delevski selected videos that can be used in physics classes.

So glad that we are working all together – teachers, professionals who devote their time to improving the quality of education.