Highlight the importance of creativity in STEM education with the STE(A)M IT competitions

The STE(A)M IT Competitions 2021, organised within the framework of the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign, aim to highlight the importance of creativity in STEM education, as well as the value of connecting STEM to other disciplines and teaching it in an integrated way. They are divided into two distinct competitions:

  1. Competition 1: STE(A)M IT competition for primary school teachers (students: 4-12 years old)
  2. Competition 2: STE(A)M IT competition for secondary school teachers (students: 13-18 years old)

Winning Learning Scenarios and Stories of Implementation will be included in the Scientix Repository as well as in the STE(A)M IT portal. Winners will also be invited to join the exclusive STE(A)M IT Career Advisors’ Network.

For more information about the competitions, please consult the terms and conditions document and visit the landing page of the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign.

More information can be found at: News Detail – Scientix