Showcase your best STEM activities with Scientix!

very year during the STEM Discovery Campaign, Scientix gives teachers the unique opportunity to submit any STEM activity they have organised and spread the word about it on our dedicated blog. Thousands of teachers around the world can give visibility to their STEM actions, held either in class or online, and inspire educators to follow their examples. Don’t miss the chance to promote your activities via Scientix!

This year, Scientix has prepared two competitions open to everyone interested in STEM education:

  • Scientix Competition 1: STEM Activities invites you to organise any (online) activity that promotes STEM in the context of any STEM subject in your class between February and April 2021 and write a blog post in English on the STEM Discovery Campaign blog when your activity is done.
  • Scientix Competition 2: STEM Resources welcomes everyone who would like to organise any (online) activity based on a resource from the Scientix Resource Repository. After your activity is done, write a blog post in English on the STEM Discovery Campaign blog and tell us about what you did in your activity

You can read more about the competitions on the link.

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