New Scientix TV episode released!

Following the warm reception of the Scientix TV pilot in April, the Scientix team have produced a second episode of the STEM talk show, released on 31 May. As always, the programme highlights STEM education from the viewpoint of teachers, industry and ministries of education.

Based on input from teachers, the theme for this episode was Motivation: how you motivate yourself in the demanding field of STEM education, how external factors such as awards can motivate teachers, and what industry can offer to motivate teachers.

In about 20 minutes filled with interviews, discussions, presentations and homemade experiments, the show aimed to both educate and entertain.

As always, the episode was presented by Agueda Gras-Velazquez, head of the science education department of European Schoolnet. Her co-host this time was Ivana Milanovic, the Scientix Ambassador coordinator. She spoke to three award-winning teachers: Panagiota Argiri from Greece, Selçuk Yusuf Arslan from Turkey and Jon Hale from the UK. The show also featured a conversation between STEM Alliance coordinator Ivana Kovac and Chryssanthe Sotiriou, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow from Greece. Scientix TV regular Isidora Salim presented several maps showing exam schedules and peak work loads in schools around the world. And George Roungos, a Scientix Ambassador, Head of Laboratory Centre of Natural Sciences in Lesvos, and experiments enthusiast, showed viewers how to boil water at only 70 degrees Celsius!

Episodes will be released monthly. You can watch the current episode here. And please use the hashtag #ScientixTV to let us know what you liked (or not), send us suggestions for future episodes, or just say hello!