Results from the competition – Creating games in Scratch concerning cyber security and misinformation

As a result of a competition launched in May 2022, Center for innovations and digital education has received games created in Scratch that tackles cyber security and misinformation. Those games were evaluated by the project evaluation committee (PEC) which consists from representatives from FINKI (Faculty of Information Science and Computer Engineering), IGF – MKD (Internet Governance Forum) and FINKI-CIRT (National Academic Centre for Computer Incident Response). They have evaluated the received games by several criteria: educational value, fun and engaging elements and overall experience.

All created games by the students are shared in the menu Open Educational Resources at Dig-Ed web site, and you can access them on the following link: Open Educational Resources – Center for Innovations and Digital Education DIG-ED

For the authors of the best games, Center for innovation and digital education has prepared awards: telescope, drone and camera. The authors of the best games created in Scratch are:

3rd prize – Mila Petkovska – Butterfly and lost diamonds

2nd prize – Teodora Stojchevska, Kristijan Matevski and Kalina Acevska – Zuzu, his friends and Bibi

1st prize – Bisera Drndar, Anja Simonovska and Mila Petkovska – Virtual Pet Game

Center for innovations and digital education would like to express gratitude to other students that have participated in this competition, too.

  • Riste Dimov
  • Hristijan Topalov, Gorazd Stoimanovski and Daniel Pavleski
  • Bisera Drndar
  • Branko Stojmenov and Ivan Garvanliev
  • Snezana Volkanoska
  • Filip Mihailov and Milos Kitanovic
  • Sara Dukoska and
  • Petar Andov