Online forum “Developing innovation through project activities in primary education”

Center for innovations and digital education Dig-Ed as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week North Macedonia2021 is organizing an online forum “Developing innovation through project activities in primary education”.

The event is going to be organized on 09.11.2021 at 18:00 and the speakers at the forum are going to be: Biljana Nikolova, Aida Petrovska and Pavlinka Veljanoska. Good practices from the implementation of project activities in primary education will be presented and a discussion how to encourage innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among students is going to be carried out. Through the description of students’ activities during the implementation of projects, the presenters will try to describe how they empower different students’ skills like innovation, creativity, critical thinking skills and creative solving. of problems, evaluation, as well as developing the “I can” attitude – the attitude that moves everything. Development of communication and cooperation skills, as well as organizational skills is going to be described. Presenters will try to explain how all this can lead to empowering students’ competences and entrepreneurial skills in primary education.

You can register for the participation on the forum at following link: Meeting Registration – Zoom