Participation in trainings as part of Erasmus+ project ”Upgrade with learner centered approach – ULCA”

Representatives from Dig-Ed from 3.7.2022 to 13.7.2022 participated in the courses “Learner centered approach” and “Learn&Lead – Self management” as part of Erasmus+ project ”Upgrade with learner centered approach – ULCA”. The courses were held at Mykolas Romeris University, in Vilnius, Lithuania.

“Learner centered approach” was facilitated by prof. Gabriela Lojová, from Comenius University in Bratislava and participants were introduced with the theoretical foundations, necessity to implement and teachers’ approaches towards learner-centered approach. After that each of the seven principles of learner-centered approach was discussed. Current situation and ideas for change were discussed as well. The aim of discussion was to create learning environments where the focus will be shifted on the students. Examples, ideas and good practices were shared among the participants concerning teaching and learning focus about: how to achieve students’ active learning, how to deliver relevant knowledge, how to focus on cognitive and affective domains at the same time, how to have positive approach with acceptance and reward towards learner, how to create positive learning atmosphere where teacher will be just a facilitator and partner in learning process, enabling learners’ participation in decision making. Teachers of all levels of education, primary, secondary and University, took part in the training. They had a unique opportunity not only to exchange their experience, but also to share challenges and propose ideas to overcome them.

“Learn&Lead – Self management” course was led by Jana Chynoradská, from Harmony Academy, Trnava. It was very dynamic, interactive course, with a lot of ice-breaking activities and emotional moments. During the course participants had opportunities to identify and empower their self-management and leadership competences. The participants were introduced with the Whole Person paradigm and how to see people as “whole people”- body, heart, mind, and spirit – and manage and lead accordingly. The discussion of four type of intelligence – intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual was carried out. Activities for understanding Iceberg Personality Principle were carried out in order to acquire skills to better manage ourselves and not overreact with others. Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skill as five skills and competences for successful Emotional Intelligence Leadership according to Daniel Goleman were discussed.

Different social activities were organized in the afternoons. Participants visited the project’s partner organisation Pranas Mašiotas Primary School, met the Head of the General Education Department of Vilnius City Municipality, visited the Parlament of the Republic of Lithuania. Participants had a joint dinner for sharing the impressions from the courses and planed the future activities. During the stay in Vilnius, the visit of nearby town Trakai and historical national park was organized. Also the participants visited Belmonto adventure park. All these activities led to better understanding among participants, strengthening communication and cooperation and establishing of new partnerships.