Science Projects Online Workshops – SPOWs

What are SPOWs?

SPOWs are Science Projects Online Workshops

Each SPOW runs over a three-week period including:

  • week 1: reading some preparatory materials
  • week 2: an online session of two hours (session 1)
  • between sessions 1 and 2: asynchronous “homework” for participants
  • week 3: an online session of two hours (session 2)

Each SPOW includes between 3 and 4 parallel tracks.

Each track addresses a specific topic and age group, and can have up to 10 teachers participating.

All workshops are conducted in English and the overall workload expected is of ~8 hours (including the preparatory work, online sessions and “homework”) and after the completion of the SPOW, active participants get a certificate of participation.