Start of the project implementation – “Using Games to Learn Cyber Security and Misinformation: GaCySeMI”

Center for innovations and digital education has started with the implementation of the project “Using Games to Learn Cyber Security and Misinformation: GaCySeMI” financed by the US Embassy in North Macedonia.

Center for innovations and digital education will implement this project to deepen primary school students’ knowledge on cybersecurity and misinformation. By using peer learning, and game-based learning, the project will develop students’ critical thinking skills and digital competences. Project direct beneficiaries are primary school students and teachers (approximately 500), from 6th till 9th grade, from five different primary schools.

The idea is to establish engaging education community where students will be open for discussion, sharing opinions and making conclusions based on facts. Furthermore, they will learn about cyber security and how to behave online on a fun and engaging way using peer learning, and developing games and video educational resources.

At the end of the project, a database with educational materials and resources, created by teachers and students, will be created. All these materials will be shared with educational community with free license for their re-use. This will enable use of the open educational resources and materials, as well as methodology itself, by other teachers and students.

The quality of the project implementation will be evaluated by the project evaluation committee (PEC) which will be consist from representatives from DIG-ED, IGF – MKD (Internet Governance Forum) and FINKI-CIRT (National Academic Centre for Computer Incident Response).