The academi@ STEM mangualde book: a teaching resource with a local approach

A new book on STEM teaching activities with an interdisciplinary view has been published by the Academi@ STEM Mangualde. The publication has two volumes: “Innovative Model for Promoting School Success at a Local Level” and “Interdisciplinary Teaching Activities from Pre-School to Primary School”.

The first volume presents the strategic and educational vision of the Portuguese project, and how it has changed the educational dynamics in Mangualde. Furthermore, the book shows how the municipality, the School Grouping and the Training Centre, relying on the co-financing of the Intermunicipal Community of Viseu Dão Lafões under the Innovative Plan for the Promotion of Educational Success, realised this vision together with partners, parents and guardians, and students.

The second volume presents a selection of STEM teaching activities designed and implemented by Academi@ teams, for Pre-school and Primary. The resources are designed to be useful and inspiring and can be adapted by the regional, national, and international educational community.

The book can be downloaded for free in digital format by clicking on this link, where you can also check out the digital resources related to each activity.