Workshop “Reinventing formative assessment in STEM subjects with online tools”

On May 10 and 11, a workshop to discuss the possibilities for formative assessment in online teaching was held in cooperation with Scientix. The workshop was led by: Maja Videnovik and Gjorgjina Dimova. The workshop was attended by 34 teachers who teach STEM subjects: biology, chemistry, physics, informatics, mathematics, natural sciences, technology and lower grade teachers.

During the workshop, the participants got acquainted with Scientix and the opportunities it offers. Attendees were introduced to formative assessment, formative assessment strategies and several online formative assessment tools. They were also  introduced with the characteristics of a constructive feedback that should be provided to students in order to guide their learning and improve their knowledge and skills. 

Participants were introduced with several digital tools that can be used for formative assessment, demonstrating their implementation, putting accent on benefits and challenges from their use. Participants were encouraged to share their experience concerning used digital tools for formative assessment in STEM subjects. They discussed about created digital resources with those tools in order to continuously follow and guide students learning. The tools are shared on the padlet.

The participants divided into groups by subjects developed a good practice and presented it. They were divided in groups according to the subject that they teach, had to choose a digital tool that can be used for a formative assessment, to create digital resource with it, to create a scenario for its use and to present in front of the others. They have created a scenario describing formative assessment during synchronous or asynchronous activities in online STEM teaching and to put it in the given template.

Finally, the call for good practices for formative assessment of online teaching was announced.

In addition, we share the presentations that were used during the workshop.

презентација онлајн алатки за формативно оценување

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