Webinar “Learned lessons, what’s next, future steps, feedback” was held on 22.02.2023. Presentation of Scientix and Dig-Ed as Scientix NCP was done. Dig-Ed activities during past two years, as Scientix NCP were presented (webinars, workshops, published catalogues with good practices, online promotion etc.). The newest information concerning Scientix were alsoContinue Reading

The workshop “Future of STEM education on national level: what do we need?”, organized by the Center for Innovation and Digital Education, co-financed by Scientix, was carried out on February 17 and 18, 2023 in Skopje. Teachers, principals, representatives from Ministry of Education and Science, Burau for development of education,Continue Reading

The Europeana MOOC ‘Digital Education with Cultural Heritage’ delves into the educational potential of digital cultural heritage and prepares you for implementing it using digital technologies. This MOOC makes use of Europeana’s digitised collection of cultural heritage and content from the Teaching with Europeana blog. Through it, participants are introducedContinue Reading

Scientix is looking for dynamic, motivated, and creative teachers and educators to join the Scientix Ambassadors Panel. The Scientix Ambassadors Panel, which already consists of more than 1,000 educators, is now open for additional applications. Scientix Ambassadors are active or retired teachers, and other educators. Scientix Ambassadors help share ScientixContinue Reading

The IMPETUS project has launched two open calls for citizen science initiatives that are now open for applications. The IMPETUS project aims to boost recognition of citizen science and comprises an innovative funding scheme for citizen science initiatives in the European Research Area. To do so, the IMPETUS project will notably awardContinue Reading

The competition calls for educators in primary and secondary schools across Europe to explore the lesson plans from Intel’s Skills for Innovation Starter Pack and carry out the lessons with their students. The goal of the competition is to challenge the educators to create and share their stories of implementation,Continue Reading

The STEM Discovery Campaign is the annual initiative that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), coordinated by Scientix in collaboration with many organisations and projects, and is celebrated in Europe and beyond from the beginning of February to the end of April. This year’s theme is ‘STEM Identities’, aContinue Reading

We can’t possibly know what future challenges await our children. But one thing is for sure: they will need many skills to meet them. They’ll have to understand STEM – but they’ll also have to master techniques not typically associated with the scientific method. In this issue, we’ll introduce youContinue Reading

Webinar “Presentation of various STEM activities using mobile applications” was held on 21.12.2022. At the beginning, a brief overview of the latest information related to Scientix was given, as well as Dig-Ed activities as the Scientix NCP. Presenters of the webinar were two Scientix Ambassadors: Marija Pupinoska Gogova and BiljanaContinue Reading

The 4th Scientix International Conference took place online on 18 and 19 November 2022. The conference provided an overview of the challenges and opportunities in science education in Europe and highlighted the potential and possibilities that the Scientix community can bring about. It also presented multiple opportunities to learn more aboutContinue Reading