Building the innovators of tomorrow in today’s teens

Encouraging student aged 13-17 who want to solve the world’s biggest problems by giving them the opportunity to learn and experiment on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Engineering or Space Tech is the philosophy of The Knowledge Society (TSK). This organisation runs a ten-month global innovation extracurricular programme for high-school pupils which is now looking for a new cohort of 40 students for the next academic year.

Today’s teenagers have the potential to be tomorrow’s leaders and innovators and with this programme modelled on curricula from Harvard, Stanford or MIT and designed to replicate the learning environments of Google and Facebook, they will have access to the resources and mentors needed to accelerate their growth.

What students do in The Knowledge Society programme:

  1. Learn about the future and how emerging technology is disrupting the world, including Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Engineering, Space Tech, Quantum Computing and 20 more.
  2. Access mentors from companies including Google, Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, BenchSci and more.
  3. Work with global organisations to solve real challenges using advanced problem-solving frameworks. This year, TKS students are working with the United Nations.
  4. Be part of a global community of like-minded young people where they can meet new best friends and future co-founders among 1200 students and alumni from 20 countries.
  5. Get training from Olympic-level innovation coaches to help them discover their interests and build meaningful projects.
  6. Accelerate their personal growth by training the mindsets, mental models and habits of world leaders and CEOs.
  7. Develop their personal portfolio of master’s-level projects to earn access to exclusive opportunities including internships, conferences and guest speakers.

Those interested in taking part in the next programme, starting in September 2021, can apply by June 30 through this link. Before joining TKS, students go through an application and interview process to be selected. No prior experience in tech is necessary, TKS is looking for students who are curious, ambitious and want to make an impact.

Moreover, by the end of the previous programme, students worked on Master’s/PhD level projects, getting internships at places like IBM and Microsoft, and becoming young thought leaders in fields like AI, Quantum Computing, Nanotechnology and Genomics, as young as 14 years old with no previous experience!