Digital skillup: accessible courses on emerging technologies and digital transformation

The Digital SkillUp (DSU) , a new EU-funded online learning initiative, has arrived to help you find your way to improve your understanding and knowledge around emerging technologies and digital transformation. Learn how to make the most of them in both professional and personal contexts with its free online courses!

The DSU initiative offers three free easy-to-follow online courses in 10 European languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Croatian, Italian) explaining all you need to know about the digital revolution, key technologies and cybersecurity:

  • Digital Revolution: From computers to apps, from the Internet to the Cloud, this course explores how digitisation became so pervasive, the risks technologies pose and how to minimise them, and tips on harnessing technology to improve our lives at home and work.
  • Emerging Technologies: They are the future – but what are they? Where are they applied? How will they evolve, and how will they impact our jobs, businesses and lives? This course explores these topics, with a deep dive into IoT, robotics and AR/VR/MR.
  • Cybersecurity: Basic skills make a huge difference to digital safety. In this course, we cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity with real-life examples and exercises aimed at building a simplified cybersecurity action plan for personal or professional use.

The course designs focus on providing a good understanding and basic knowledge of all the core aspects related to the implementation of emerging technologies in any area of life and work, in simple and accessible language and with the main goal of making complex technological and ethical/societal concepts available to all. The courses are therefore an optimal way for educators, older students, parents and any educational staff to get started with these topics and to build the core competences that would allow them to further the application of emerging technologies in their daily contexts and educational activities.

In addition, a catalogue of hundreds of additional training courses from beginner level to expert created by top training providers, companies and universities gives you the opportunity to boost your digital skills and knowledge even further.

Digital SkillUp is a contribution to the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform and constitutes its learning pillar for emerging technologies. Begin your learning journey and give yourself a head start into the future! Visit