On 03.02.2021, starting at 6 pm, a webinar “Good STEM practices from online teaching in lower grades teaching” will be realized. Teachers Canka Kostova and Biljana Curlevska Manevska, will present their good practices at the webinar. We decided for teachers in lower grades because we believe that those teachers giveContinue Reading

Webinar: Presentation of the good practices concerning online STEM teaching and digital STEM resources in mathematics took place on 27.01.2021 at 18:00. Presenter on the webinar was Silvana J. Binova, Scientix Ambassador. During the webinar, Binova has presented different interactive digital resources and some good practices for popularization of theContinue Reading

The webinar “Good STEM practices” was successfully realized on 23.12.2020. At the webinar, Aida Petrovska and Biljana Nikolova presented successful practices from their teaching. You can watch the video from the webinar here.  Continue Reading

Webinar “Spreading the information about Scientix 4 and Dig-Ed future activities as NCP” was organized on 16.12.2020 at 18:00 by Center for innovations and digital education Dig-Ed as Scientix NCP. The puropse of the webinar was to present Scientix 4 in front of Macedonian teachers, principals and advisers. The purpose wasContinue Reading

Dig-Ed has been selected as Scientix 4 National Contact Point for the period 2020 – 2022. The objectives of Scientix 4 are the same as for Scientix 3: to ensure the continuation/adaptation of the Scientix  activities and to contribute to and support the development of national strategies for wide uptake and dissemination ofContinue Reading