We are announcing the last webinar for this year on the topic “Good practices using mobile applications in STEM teaching”. Our presenters are Marija Pupinoska Gogova- informatics teacher and Biljana Stojanovska primary teacher. The webinar will be organized on 21.12.2022 at 18 o’clock. Registration on the link.Continue Reading

Ги известуваме наставниците кои се пријавија за вебинарот на 25.05.2022 дека истиот го поместуваме за реализација на 26.05.2022 со почеток од 19 часот. Ова го правиме по барање на слушателите на вебинарот поради поклопување на терминот со други вебинари. Ние сакаме да им овозможиме на наставниците да ги следат иContinue Reading

Under the project project “Using games to learn cyber security and misinformation”, supported and financed by US Embassy Skopje 9th grade students in 5 elementary schools realized lessons with students grades 6 and 7 in Cyber Security and Media Literacy. As a result of that activity, open educational resources haveContinue Reading

The 2022 STEM Discovery Campaign is a joint international initiative organised by Scientix that invites projects, organisations, libraries, schools, universities and youth clubs across Europe and around the world to celebrate careers and studies in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The theme for this year’s campaignContinue Reading