Ги известуваме наставниците кои се пријавија за вебинарот на 25.05.2022 дека истиот го поместуваме за реализација на 26.05.2022 со почеток од 19 часот. Ова го правиме по барање на слушателите на вебинарот поради поклопување на терминот со други вебинари. Ние сакаме да им овозможиме на наставниците да ги следат иContinue Reading

Scientix is organising three new Science Projects Online Workshops (SPOWs) taking place in May 2022. The Scientix SPOWs aim to inform teachers about socially relevant STEM topics and to train them on how to introduce them practically in their classrooms. The SPOWs consist of various activities, taking place over three weeks, including the readingContinue Reading

Would you and your students like to take part in a competition? What about creating a world with Minecraft: Education Edition? We invite you and your class to enter the ‘STEM Alliance – Minecraft: Education Edition Competition’ , running from 1 March to 30 April 2022 at 23:59 CET, under the themeContinue Reading

The STEM Alliance and IBM SkillsBuild are organising the “STEM Alliance – IBM Competition Integrating IBM SkillsBuild for Students and Educators” within the framework of the 2022 STEM Discovery Campaign. What is the competition about? It calls for teachers to create Lesson Plans that integrate IBM SkillsBuild modules in class and connect them to STEM. The main goalContinue Reading