The Digital SkillUp (DSU) , a new EU-funded online learning initiative, has arrived to help you find your way to improve your understanding and knowledge around emerging technologies and digital transformation. Learn how to make the most of them in both professional and personal contexts with its free online courses! The DSU initiativeContinue Reading

We are announcing the last webinar from the series of webinars “Presentation of good practices on online tools for formative assessment and creation of digital STEM materials”, which is also the last this school year. Our presenters are: Irina Ivanova – informatics teacher and Slavica Karbeva Stojkovi – mathematics teacher.Continue Reading

The third webinar in cooperation with Scientix on “Presentation of good practices of online tools for formative assessment and creation of digital STEM materials” will be realized on May 19, starting at 6 pm. Our presenters will be Ankica Spasova – mathematics teacher  and Biljana Ilieva – biology teacher. ToContinue Reading

On May 12, the webinar: Presentation of good practices concerning online tools for formative assessment in lower grades” was realized. At the webinar, the presenters Zorica Milkova and Elena Apostolova presented several tools that can be used for formative assessment in lower grades in primary school. Live worksheets, kahoot, forms, classContinue Reading

On May 10 and 11, a workshop to discuss the possibilities for formative assessment in online teaching was held in cooperation with Scientix. The workshop was led by: Maja Videnovik and Gjorgjina Dimova. The workshop was attended by 34 teachers who teach STEM subjects: biology, chemistry, physics, informatics, mathematics, natural sciences,Continue Reading

Online teaching has led to bigger flexibility in teaching and learning, but also to the necessity of more complex preparation by the teachers. Namely, all teaching strategies, methods and techniques should be planned in details, appropriate digital tools should be carefully chosen, digital resources should be created, different activities shouldContinue Reading

On May 6 and 7, DIG-Ed hosted the second transnational project meeting of the Erasmus project “Upgrade With Learner Centered Approach” in which DIG-ED is a partner. During the meeting, the previous activities were reviewed: the development of teacher competencies and the teacher self-assessment form. Then the various ideas forContinue Reading