DIG-ED continues with a series of webinars supported by Scientix. On 07.04.2021, starting at 6 pm, the webinar “Presentation of good practices on online tools for formative assessment and creation of digital STEM materials” will be realized. Presenters at the webinar will be Marija Velevska prof. of physics at SUGSContinue Reading

Are you searching for innovative ways of using arts and science digital heritage to raise your students’ awareness about today’s society’s big issues? Then the Europeana Education Competition 2021, in collaboration with the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign, is right for you! The Europeana Education Competition 2021 is inviting primary and secondaryContinue Reading

The STE(A)M IT Competitions 2021, organised within the framework of the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign, aim to highlight the importance of creativity in STEM education, as well as the value of connecting STEM to other disciplines and teaching it in an integrated way. They are divided into two distinct competitions: CompetitionContinue Reading

On February 24, 2021, the webinar “Pedagogical aspects of online teaching – how to realize a good online class” was realized. At the webinar the conclusions from the workshop “Pedagogical aspects of online teaching”, supported and co-organized by Scientix, were presented, as well as the call for good practices fromContinue Reading

Online teaching has led to bigger flexibility in teaching and learning, but also to the necessity of more complex preparation by the teachers. Namely, all teaching strategies, methods and techniques should be planned in details, appropriate digital tools should be carefully chosen, digital resources should be created, different activities shouldContinue Reading

On 24.02.2021 (Wednesday) starting at 6:30 pm, with a support of Scientix, a webinar on “Pedagogical aspects of online teaching – how to realize a good online class” will be realized. The conclusions from the workshop “Pedagogical aspects of online teaching” will be presented at the webinar and the CallContinue Reading

How can you access and make cultural heritage tangible remotely in your educational activities? Well… with the new Europeana “Digital Education with Cultural Heritage” you will use all of Europeana’s cultural heritage to design engaging and innovative educational activities! This MOOC makes use of Europeana’s digitised collection of cultural heritageContinue Reading

On February 10, 2021, the webinar “Quality online teaching based on interactive educational resources in Computer Science” supported by Scientix was realized. At the webinar  Marija Gogova Pupinoska and Blagorodna Sotirov presented interactive digital resources and how they can be used in online teaching.  Here you ca see the videoContinue Reading